Aaron and Tori

Blushes, and blues, and backyards, oh my!!  This wedding was just so well thought out from start to finish.  There were so many little details that put it above and beyond your traditional backyard wedding.  I think my favorite part was the backdrop they set up in the ceremony space.  It was so unique!  Listening to the stories, and watching the faces during this wedding was something special.  Tori and Aaron couldn't stop looking at one another and smiling all day!!  Those looks of love and stolen moments are what I LIVE FOR during weddings.  And this wedding had no shortage.  Thank you so much to Sara Bishop for having me come alongside you for this wedding.  It was an absolute privilege! 
Planning and florals by the lovely and talented Skyla Brooke.

Andre and Ailed

This wedding, this couple, oh man!! There was so much joy and so much emotion.  Thank you to Suzy Goodrick for having me assist on this special day.  I loved how each and every detail of this wedding was a reflection of Andre and Ailed.  There was so much care in every piece of greenery, every candle, and every piece of decoration.  The families came together and created an atmosphere of joy and harmony to promote this union.  I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!!

Dave and Danielle

So when I have my own weddings (scheduled through Old Soul Imagery) I tend to spend the majority of my time with the bride.  When I get a chance to assist other photographers, its an opportunity to spend most of the day with the groom!  Sometimes I feel like sometimes the groom gets the short end of the stick on the wedding day, so when I'm spending time with them I like to make the most of it!!  Thanks to Jennie Karges with Jennie Karges Photography, I got to spend a number of hours hanging out with Dave as he got ready to greet Dani on their wedding day.  It was such a joy getting to listen to his stories about his future bride, and watch his face light up as he spoke about her.  When he finally got to see her for the first time that day, it was sheer bliss.  The love these two share just leaps out at you through the photographs!  They are so passionate about one another, and they have so much JOY in one another's company!  This couple is #goals.  Here's to you Dave and Dani!!

Groom's hotel was the Downtown Sheraton
Beautiful ceremony held at Heritage Square


Mason jars, mason jars, MASON JARS!!  We see them EVERYWHERE (I admit, I use them more than I would care to admit)  Pinterest has a million and one ideas for creative ways to use mason jars.  One of those million ideas is using them in wedding decor.  Now here's the catch;  where do you find 100+ mason jars without breaking the bank?  I'm going to tell you where I get mine; thrift stores!  You heard right.  I said thrift stores.  I've seen them for as little as 15 cents a piece!   
Now for decorating with mason jars, you are on your own!  But here's a few photos for inspiration :)