Leilani+Hilson: Getting Ready

This couple was just a bundle of laughs!  The whole day with them was just so much fun :)  I'm going to split up their photos into three different blog posts because there are just TOO MANY PHOTOS THAT I LOVE :)  
I will also be including little tips and tricks that Leilani used to make her wedding GORGEOUS as well as cost-effective!  

Tip number 1 is about flowers. Flowers add so much to your wedding day!  But they can definitely eat up a large amount of your budget if you choose to buy live flowers for everything. A great alternative is to pick and choose where to use live flowers, and where to use silk or burlap.  Leilani, instead of choosing to spend a chunk of her budget on live flowers, cut down on cost by using silk and burlap flowers for her bridesmaids and the centerpieces of her tables.  Which means only her bouquet and the boutonnieres were purchased from the florist.  Talk about a beautiful way to save money!  The burlap bridesmaids bouquets went so perfectly with her venue (The Elegant Barn in Gilbert, AZ)  

Now enjoy these photos of the bride and groom getting ready!