Wedding Wednesday: What's the backup plan for my wedding day??

  One of the most common questions asked of wedding photographers is "What happens if something comes up and you can't photograph my wedding?"
  Not something that is fun to think about.  You never want to hear from your photographer "Hey I'm not going to make it to photograph your wedding...."  It's a nightmare situation, and it's something that needs to be addressed LONG before it actually happens.  
  So the answer to that particular question should never be "uuhhhhhhhmmmm....."  Your photographer should have something in place, or at the very least a general idea.  
  Are you ready for my own personal contingency plan?  Good.  The very cool part about Old Soul Imagery, is I have a built in associate photographer with my husband!  We shoot very similar styles, and once the photos are all edited, even  have a hard time distinguishing who took which photos.   If for whatever reason my husband is not available to shoot your wedding, I have an extensive and AMAZING network of local photographers who could step in and take care of you on your MOST important day!  Once they are finished with the actual photographing, I would still take on the editing myself.  
  Now not every photographer will have the same plan in place.  The most important thing is just that your photographer has something in place.  

Enjoy some of my favorite detail photos below!