Vermont Dreamy Wedding Part 2

So last week you were introduced to Alex and Emmy, the amazing couple who flew me to Vermont to capture their wedding day!  I took you through the morning of getting ready, the ceremony, the portraits, and their fun excursion into the local Country Store in full wedding garb!  (PS- they were a HIT in the store!!)  Today, we get to look through the rest of the day!  Once the ceremony was over, we headed over to the reception.  It was ADORABLE!!  It was brunch time, so of course they had a coffee cake cutting ;)  After the reception we all drove down to Brattleboro Vermont and relived the day of Alex and Emmy's engagement.  From there, we headed to the local Art Gallery and kicked the night off with reception number 2!! Again, I cannot stress enough how flipping fun this wedding was!!  I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!