Red and Green

Seriously.....I miss the Christmas music, I miss the cold weather (here in Phoenix it has already hit 90 *boo*), I miss the decorations, and I miss the elaborate dinners!!  So today, I am going to throwback to one of my Christmas sessions and inundate my senses with red and green ;)  Tell me what you miss most about the holidays in the comment section!

Let's play catch(up)!

The last few weeks have been soooo busy!  That is one sure sign of the holidays!  I wanted to share with you some photos from different sessions over the last couple of weeks.  I've been privileged to meet lots of new families, and capture their beautiful faces with my camera.  I hope you enjoy these as much as I do! 

Miss Native American USA

Recently I was honored and privileged to be a sponsor at the Miss Native American USA pageant, otherwise known as MNAUSA 2014.  Nine beautiful and incredible women competed in this pageant.  They came from California, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and beyond.  They had a long and fun day competing in events such as a formal interview, evening gown, talent, and traditional wear.  I was enthralled as I learned more about these amazing women and their respective cultures.  I heard a legend from the Bishop Paiute tribe, witnessed a women weaving a traditional Navajo blanket in the Crystal pattern indigenous to Crystal, NM.  I watched an incredibly talented woman tell the story of creation through hoop dancing.  There were so many enlightening displays of talent and heritage, I can't even begin to describe them all.  Towards the end of the pageant some local tribe members from Fort McDowell treated us all with a traditional honor song for last years title holder Sarah Ortegon.  I cannot even begin to describe how amazing this experience was for me.  I highly recommend that any of you who are able to attend next year do so.  It is something you will never forget.

One of my favorite photos from the evening was one I took of this year's pageant winner, April Yazza, during the evening gown competition.  She is a beautiful, talented young woman, and I can't wait to see what she accomplishes this year!  

Which of these photos is your favorite?

The entertainer for the evening, Alicia.

Visiting royalty standing for the National Anthem.

One of my FAVORITE photos of the evening, the winner April Yazza, in her evening gown.

All of the lovely ladies lined up for the evening gown competition.

The hostess of the evening, Tanya Martinez, treating us to a traditional song.

Another shot of Miss April Yazza in her evening gown.

Contestant Ashley Bitselley showcasing her talent of creating this beautiful painting upside down!

Contestant Kendra Redhouse hoop dancing during the talent portion of the pageant.

Title-holder April Yazza explaining the significance of the cradle board.

First Attendant Nicole Johnny demonstrating how to weave a traditional Navajo blanket in the Crystal pattern (native to her hometown of Crystal, NM)

Last year's title-holder Sarah Ortegon.

The ladies lined up in traditional garb.

Right before the announcement was made for the winners of the 2014 MNAUSA pageant.

2014-2015 title-holder April Yazza with 2013-2014 title-holder Sarah Ortegon.

Old Soul Imagery goes to Flagstaff

About a week ago I had a friend of mine (Linsay Huitink) guest blog on my site.  I had the wonderful opportunity of photographing her beautiful family in Flagstaff recently!  We had so much fun getting out of the heat!  We spent some time playing in the woods and taking nice green photos :) Here are some of my favorites from their session.  Let me know which one is your favorite!